IS & Engineering

Our IT service integrates your needs :


Remote transmission - EDI

We are capable of exchanging data with our clients and suppliers, while dealing with standards and formats in force.

Real time traceability of transports

100% of our fleet is equipped of on-board computers.

  • We can follow orders live.
  • Managing missions is directly interfaced with our transport planning software.
  • This automatic feedback allows us greater reactivity and increased quality of service.
Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP System
  • Entirely developed and managed by our services, our ERP is perfectly mastered to ensure the management of our operational processes.
  • It is upgradable and can adapt to any new needs.
  • It also integrates TMS (Transport Management System) enabling us to plan your flows, ensure operational and administrative follow-up and generate key performance Indicators (KPI) to optimize schedules, costs and quality.
Electronic Data Management

We also work on developing a “Client Portal” enabling him to download all the data relative to his order (CMR – weighing tickets – Delivery slips…).

Our Engineering allows us to design real tailor-made solutions.

To set them up, we work in project mode: the different actors are involved in a way to make the solution apply very quickly.










Our engineering team: 

Analyses your industrial and commercial issue
  • the characteristics of your market
  • your service, flexibility, traceability needs…
  • your technical data (characterization of goods, flows, regulatory constraints, storage capacities, loading/ unloading capacities …)
Designs a tailor-made, competitive solution:
  • Choosing the most adapted means of transport and materials for each of your flows (road, road/river, road/rail)
  • Setting up the transport plan (scheduling, resource allocation…)
  • Recommendation of loading posts and storage capacities
  • Definition of operational modes and prevention plans
  • Definition of electronic data interchange processes (orders, invoicing…)
  • Traceability and reporting


Sets up:
  • Investments and recruitment
  • Calls for proposals (transport, handling, storage)
  • Training the pilot team
  • IT integration
  • Contractualisation
And pilots:
  • Order reception in your format
  • Appointment taking for loading and deliveries
  • Planning of transport operations
  • Live follow-up of operations (schedules, regulations…)
  • Data follow-up
  • Reporting