White Petroleum Products

Fuel and lubricants




Delcroix has been transporting white petroleum products for over 20 years.

Our acknowledged expertise means we work for the great names of the sector, famous names of distribution but also with independent SMBs.

Equipped of a fleet of over 70 petroleum tankers and haulers, we can reconcile professionalism and flexibility. Our dispatch team is at your service 24/7 and can answer to emergencies.

Our drivers’ training and the operational modes they use are designed to minimize any risks of errors and pollutions and to guarantee the safety of sites and people.

Over the years, Delcroix collaborators and drivers have developed an expertise acknowledged by the greatest purchasers. This expertise allows us to operate tailor-made services.

Our equipment is recent, maintained and in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. We are present in the Nord-Pas de Calais, Ile de France and Normandy regions.

100% of our fleet is equipped of on-board computers.