Black Petroleum Products

Asphalt, emulsions and heavy fuel

Delcroix has been delivering black petroleum products to asphalt plants and industrials for over 15 years.

Making the most of its strategic position between Benelux and the North of France and with its fleet of 40 asphalt tankers, Delcroix is an inescapable reference for refineries and depots of the North, Benelux, Normandy and the Paris region.

Delivering asphalt and suds is a technical profession with multiple components: compatibility of products, specialization of tankers, reaction time and transit time, delivery schedules, heat loss, hazardous material transport plan, access to sites and mobile plants, staff security, proactive communication with the loader and recipient.

Over the years, Delcroix collaborators and drivers have developed an expertise acknowledged by their greatest purchasers.

For the transport of heavy fuel oil, Delcroix commits to dedicating tankers all year long, including in the high asphalt season.

Our drivers’ training and the operational modes they use are designed to minimize risks of error and pollutions and guarantee the safety of sites and people.

Serving SMBs and larger companies, our ambition is to provide a service with quality and security standards supporting your brand’s image.