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The Delcroix-Logways Group disposes of qualified experts in Hazardous Goods Transport, holders of Security certificate for the safe transportation of hazardous materials (CSTMD), for road (ADR) and rail modes (RID).

For you or in relation to your CSTMD, our advisers deal with the following aspects:


Guidance and writing up
  •  Classification of merchandise resulting from various industrial processes (assisting loaders, producers)
  • Definition of :
      1. Conditions of packaging construction, big bags for bulk, tanks, containers
      2. Regulatory conditions for packaging, loading, unloading, handling and labelling
      3. Regulatory and operational conditions of transport
  • Writing up of sending procedures and associated documentation
Continuous Follow-up & Improvement


Our hazardous materials expert teams follow and set up the operations, material and goods.

  • Set up of sending procedures
  • Follow-up of tests and periodical check-ups of the different containers
  • Check-up of equipment and conformity of material (vehicles), branding
  • Management of high risk hazardous goods on the security aspects
  • Staff training